Re: posting at duchimp

Barry Smylie (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 11:40:17 -0500

> >i cannot bear the tactile nature of 250 gram hand laid rag paper
> >my fingers caressing it and thinking of paris rag pickers
> >i cannot confront the hundreds of hours of planning and drawing and
> >etching
> >the grinding of stone on stone - the vent of fumes
> >i loath the idea of rushes and revisions on plates
> >trying to dissuade the "artist" away from labor intensive revisions
> >the shear effort of it
> this is very dificult situation for a generation educated in a
> traditional material culture, to switch from a
> action in material world to a virtual one. its like worshiping a 'God'
> with no aqppirance instad of a material idol.
> Avi.

for me (smylie:) .avi i find it difficult to maintain my ties with the old
world art idol
i am loosing my grip on materialism
i am caught in a spiritualist votex digital black whole multimedia thing

is it wise to be drawn drawing so far from the actuality of stone
of cast epoxy resin
of acrylic emulsion on nylon canvas?

is the internet
like the academy
a read only crashed herring
the path?