Re: site compromised via ftp...

Lile Elam ((no email))
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:33:47 -0800 (PST)

No, fmlogin doesn't allow uploads but you can create and edit
ascii files with it.

As for ftp, it's still disabled...

I am working on creating a new machine for which will
be a PC running RedHat Gnu Linux. Hopefully we will have this
online by next weekend and then we can re-enable ftp. This OS
uses a shadow password file which can't be read by the world
and therefore cannot be cracked.

We will need to update each artists' password on the site
once we are running on the new machine. After the password is
updated, we can re-enable ftp for that artist...

If you need access before then, please contact me and I will
work with you to see if we can do something in the meantime.