Tue, 22 Dec 98 21:54:45 EST

Do you know the major reason most small businesses fail? Lack of advertising. Do you know the reason for the lack of advertising? Money. Most small businesses cannot afford to spend high dollars on effective advertising. UNTIL NOW. Welcome to the new millenium. Direct email has proven to be the number one successful way for a small business to advertise in the past two years. Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive magazine and newspaper ads that only a fraction of the readers are actually going to see, when you can send your ad directly to the consumer. Direct email advertising is exactly that, it is direct advertising. It places your ad directly in the email box of millions of people, and it is inexpensive. With this new advertising media, small companies can now compete with larger companies on a level playing field.

Our director of marketing is one of the top experts in this field, and has been interviewed by CNN, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. We have put together a list of five million email addresses of individuals and small businesses in the United States. We have added another 1.5 million International addresses. Do not be fooled by our competitors who claim to have 20 and 30 million email addresses. Your are buying the same addresses over, they have duplicates as high as 70%. We guarantee you that there are no duplicates in our lists or your money back. We also update our lists every two weeks. You will be buying the freshest email addresses on the Internet. Guaranteed! We could easily get $1000 for our addresses, but we are selling our entire 5 million address database, plus the 1.5 million international list for only $299. But that's not all you get. You also get a free full working demo of Stealth Mass Mailer, the dir!
ect mail program capable of sending as many as 300,000 emails per hour. You also get a free full working demo of BulkMate, an email address database manager. All this for only $299.

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