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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 18:43:06 -0400

Hi All,

I apologise if this is an intrusion.....however I do think it a
worthwhile cause.

==========> Subject: Arts Advocacy / petition

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the issue of whether public
funding to an artist can be linked with the idea of whether the art
'decent.' After the Robert Mapplethorpe "scandal" not so long ago,
Congress passed a law that for an artist's art to receive public
via the National Endowment for the Arts, it must be deemed decent.
NPR Morning Edition this morning, Nina Tottenberg said that if the
Supreme Court supports Congress, it is in effect the end of NEA.
there's the question of congressional funding: Funding for NPR, NEA

This petition is being passed around the Internet. Please add your
name to it so that funding can be maintained for the NEA, NPR &
PBS. Please keep this petition rolling. Do not reply to me. Please
and forward to others to sign. If you prefer not to sign please send
the e-mail address indicated or return to me. Thanks.

This is being forwarded to several people at once to add their names
to the petition. It won't matter if many people receive the same
list as
the names are being managed. This is for anyone who thinks
NPR/PBS is a worthwhile expenditure of $1.12/year of their taxes, a
petition follows. If you sign, please forward on to others. If not,
don't kill it - send it to the email address listed here:

PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing major
cutbacks in funding. In spite of the efforts of each station to
spending costs and streamline their services, some government
officials believe that the funding currently going to these programs
too large a portion of funding for something which is seen as not
worthwhile. Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS equal
$1.12 per person per year, and the National Endowment for the Arts
equals $0.64 a year.

A January 1995 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of
Americans wish to keep funding for PBS, third only to national
defense and law enforcement as the most valuable programs for
federal funding.

Each year, the Senate and House Appropriations committees each
have 13 subcommittees with jurisdiction over many programs and
agencies. Each subcommittee passes its own appropriation bill. The
goal each year is to have each bill signed by the beginning of the
fiscal year, which is October 1. The only way that our
can be aware of the base of support for PBS and funding for these
types of programs is by making our voices heard.

Please add your name to this list and forward it to friends if you
believe in what we stand for. This list will be forwarded to the
President of the United States, the Vice President of the United
and Representative Newt Gingrich, who is the instigator of the
to cut funding to these worthwhile programs.

*If you happen to be the 150th, 200th, 250th, etc., signer of this
petition, please forward a copy to:

This way we can keep track of the lists and organize them. Forward
this to everyone you know, and help us to keep these programs alive.

Thank you.

NOTE: It is preferable that you SELECT the entirety of this letter
COPY it into a new outgoing message rather than simply forwarding it.

Or if option is available, do a SEND AGAIN.
449) Edward G. Guggenheim, San Francisco, CA
450) Thao N. Lam, Riverside, CA
451) Antonio Rauti, Riverside, CA
452) Carlotta Domeniconi, Riverside, CA
453) Stephanie Fonder, Riverside, CA
454) Sohail Nadimi, Riverside, CA
455) Shirin Etessam, San Francisco, CA
456) Jahanshah Javid, Albany, CA
457) Haleh Nazeri, NY, NY
458) Larry Weissman, NY, NY
459) Jackie Medel, Los Angeles, CA
458) Lynn Cantor, Los Angeles, CA
459) Alec Bartsch, Los Angeles, CA
460) Kim Wohlenhaus, Louisville, KY
461) Tanya Savory, Louisville, KY
462) Suzanne McDermott, Charleston, SC
463) Jack Williams, Columbia SC
464) Caroline Aiken, Atlanta, Ga.
465) Jef Jaisun, Seattle, WA
466: Roberta Penn, Seattle, WA
467: karen garrett de Luna, Seattle, WA
468: Sara Jinks, Seattle, WA
469: Heather Kravas, Seattle, WA
470: Jason Starkie, Seattle, WA
471: Clarence L. Brooks, Jr, Seattle, WA
472: Dan Froot, Los Angeles, CA
473: Julia Carnahan, Whittier, CA
474: Karen Nathanson, Los Angeles, CA
475: Mark Yardas, Venice, CA
478: Mara Schoner, Venice, CA
479: karen maclean andersen, los angeles, ca
480: Sharon Oster, Los Angeles, CA
481: Eve Sanders, Los Angeles, CA
482: Nora Johnson, Swarthmore, PA
483: Nathalie F. Anderson, Swarthmore PA
484: Kevin Kish, Swarthmore Pa
485: Julia Kernochan, Swarthmore, PA
486: Cristina Garcia, Swarthmore, PA
487: Emily Wilkins, Swarthmore, PA
488. Lucinda Kidder, Northfield MA
489. Stephanie Woolley, Miami, FL
490. Chocolate Waters, New York, NY
491. Judith K. Witherow, Morningside, MD 20746
492. Steven J.Witherow, Morningside, MD 29746
493. Sue Lenaerts, Morningside, MD 20746
494. Robert Edward West, MD 21044-2538
495. Kathryn Ervin, CA 92346
496. Margaret A. Perry, Crestline, CA 92325
497. Yvette Ratner, Auburn, AL
498. Robin Jaffe, Auburn, AL
499. Oran C. Walker, Seattle, WA
500. David A. Nochimson, Seattle, WA
501. Charlotte Grossman, Tiburon, CA.
502. David P. Gollub, San Francisco, CA
503. Bruce Isaacson, Las Vegas, Nevada
504. Kim Addonizio, San Francisco, CA
505. Leza Lowitz, Dillon Beach, CA
506. Jack Foley, Oakland, CA
507. Adelle Foley, Oakland, CA
508. Alicia Ostriker, Princeton, NJ
509. Lisa Goldberg, NYC, NY
510. Danielle DeCrette, NYC
511. Leslie Castay, NYC
512. Bryan Burkey, NYC
513. Mark Zimmerman, NYC
514. Barbara Tirrell, NYC
515. Scott Killian, NYC
516: Danial Shapiro, Minneapolis, MN
517: Joanie Smith, Minneapolis, MN
518: Elizabeth Van Vleck, NYC
519: Suzie Jary, NYC
520. Susan Johnston, Brooklyn, NY 11215
521: Mona Kreaden, NYC, NY
522: Risa Morimoto New York, NY
523: Ernesto Jarvis, Brooklyn, NY
534: Fannie Chan, Brooklyn, NY
535: Richard Simon, New York, NY
536: Michael Simon, New York, NY
537: Dwan Reece King, Hartsdale, NY
538: Fabiana Chiu-Rinaldi, Greenwich, CT
539: Helen Liu, Boston, MA
540: Anne Marie Booth, Quincy, MA
541: Lihbin Shiao, Jamaica Plain, MA
542: Emily Houh, Detroit, MI
543: Emmeline Kim Owyang, Boston, MA
544: Faith Adiele, Somerville, MA
545: Wenda Tai, Cambridge, MA
546: Jeanne Tai, Cambridge, MA
547: Margaret Tuitt, Somerville, MA
548: Susan Berstler, Somerville, MA
549: Betsy Troutman, Seattle, WA
550: Robert Rufh, Seattle, WA
551: Andrew Chase, Seattle, WA
552: Kay Chase, Kalamazoo, MI
553: Jackie Driscoll, Kalamazoo, MI
554: Martha Driscoll, Arlington, MA
555: Priscilla Sanville, Arlington, MA.
556: Michael Gigante, Brattleboro, VT
557: Carrie Yamaoka, NY, NY
558: Joy Episalla, NY, NY
559: Adam Simon, Hoboken, NJ
560: Matthew Sharpe, New York, NY
561: Nick Balaban, NY
562: Jerry Everard, Seattle, WA
563: Robin Hughes, Seattle, WA
564: Lori Dirks, Seattle, WA
565: April Richards, Seattle, WA
566: Dawn Rains, Seattle, WA
567: Kim Gonzales, Seattle, WA
568: Anne Shrauner, Seattle, WA
569: Rachel Whalen, Seattle, WA
570: Anne Copeland, Seattle, WA
571: Jennifer Creegan, Seattle, WA
572: Jane Ray, Seattle, WA
573. Jack Levinson, New York City
574. Anne Corliss Dunham
575. Teresa Elena Lee
576. Bruce Gregory Shackelford
577. Kevin Patrick Kennedy
576. Christy Kennedy
577. Kristi Smith, Longmont, Colorado
578. JoAnne Zingo-Hargis, Lawrence, KS
579. Dixie F. Lovell, St. Louis, MO
580. Kajira Djoumahna, Santa Rosa, CA
581. Carolena Nericcio, San Francisco, CA
582. Nadia Khastagir, San Francisco CA
583. James Whitehead, Oakland, Ca
584. Tom Juarez, South San Francisco, CA
585. Ruby Udell Grad, Woodacre, CA
586. Sylvia Spears, San Francisco, Ca
587. John Hanft, San Francisco, Ca.
588. Bevan Vinton, Piedmont, CA.
589. Anne Underwood Grant, Horse Shoe, NC
590. Judith C. Berman, New York, NY
591. Leonard A. Sharzer, New York, NY
592. Edwin Schmith, Cleveland, OH
593. Ron Wilner, Baltimore, MD
594. Connie Parr, Baltimore, MD
595. Cynthia A Belcher, Baltimore, MD
596. Carol A. Mick, Upper Tract, WV
597. John Eckman, Harrisonburg, VA
598. Carl Droms, Linville, VA
599. Yvonne Droms, Linville, VA
600. Laurel M. Donahue, Portland, OR
601. Trish Flaster, Boulder. CO
602. Kerry Hughes, Mill Valley, CA
603. Kevin Dickey, Mill Valley, CA
604. Jesse Hiller, San Francisco, CA
605. John S. Bello, San Francisco, CA
606. Susan L. Bello, Mounds, OK
607. Paul A. Bello, Mounds, OK
608. Stanley Fisher, Mt Shasta, CA
609. Gary Kelly, New York, N.Y.
610. Cynthia Reed, New York, N.Y.
611. Jack London, Chicago, IL
612. Charlene Canali, Miami, FL
613. Mark Krumich, Miami, FL
614. Rex Benincasa, NYC, NY.
615. Jenna Lee, NYC, NY
616. Meghan Cary, NYC, NY
617. Eugene Beck, Toronto,Ontario,Canada
618. Margaret Storer, Coupeville, WA
619. Buell Neidlinger, Coupeville, WA
620. Darol Anger, Oakland, CA
621. Willa Rabinovitch, Oakland, CA
622. Mel Martin, Novato, CA
623. Si Perkoff, Mill Valley, CA
624. sandy perkoff san jose costa rica
625. barry kaiser, new orleans, la.
626. tina johnson, New York, ny
627. Scott Koenig, new York, NY
628. David Latham, NYC, NY
629. Kristin Marting, NYC, NY
630. John Gould Rubin, NYC, NY
631. Grace Phillips, Santa Monica, CA
632. Veronique Pittman, Great Falls, VA
633. Swan Paik, NYC
634. Margaret Lanzetta, NYC
635. Rebecca Weinstein, NYC
635. Roxa Smith, NYC
636. Kora Smith, Baltimore, MD
637. Greg Schwendinger, Sunnyvale, CA
638. John A. Benoit, Sunnyvale, CA
639. Jonathan Sweedler, Los Gatos, CA
640. William Jelinek, New York, NY
641. Paul Wallace
642. Christopher J. Mack, New York NY
643. Jeannie M. Woods, Rock Hill, SC
644.John C. Lamb, St. Louis, MO
645. Kevin TONG McCameron, St. Louis, MO
646. Mallarie N. Zimmer, St. Louis, MO
647. David Robison, St. Louis, MO
648. Atmara Rebecca Cloe, Tilton, NH
649. Terry Gould (Hawk), Ancaster Ontario, Canada