Re: [Fwd: Opt-In e-mail status]

Rebecca Alzofon (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:57:57 -0800


OK, thanks. The spam was targeted directly to my email address -- I
am listed in several search engines, which might be where it came from.
Evidently some of you, at least, also got it.

Sorry everyone, for bothering you with this. I'll get back to my easel now.

Rebecca Alzofon

>(Rebecca wrote) Hello everyone,
>I received the below obnoxious spam mail. Did anyone else? I am
>wondering if is being targeted, or if it was just me?


Jill Bell wrote:

I received it as well...sure that everyone did. My e-mail is now as obnoxious as my snail mail. Oh well...inevitable!


Elisa Welch wrote:

> Nope, I haven't received that particular ... > > (snip) > > Are you on any other mailing lists besides art net? Actually, I see that > your domain is sri; You might want to bring this spam to your company mail > administrator's attention, too.

> Elisa