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Mon, 13 Jul 1998 18:40:06 -0700

So, I hope we can put the matter to rest. My personal experience is that
both gentlemen, have gotten a bit too emotional and have taken the duel
beyond what's called for. If they choose to continue battling each other,
I'd personally rather that it's not done on this forum. It's rather boring.

I agree with those who would have everybody restrict their own speech to
civil communications without official restraints. I'd personally hope to see
this forum used for discussion of the arts and items of true concern to this
community, by which I mean: no personal attacks, counter-attacks and loud,
unpleasant noises.

This is my first and last posting on this particular thread.

Can we get back to the subjects that interest us all?

Thanks a million,


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Well, yes I do have to admit I got slightly carried away there. I
retract the suggestion that there be REQUIREMENTS for courtesy and
consideration, but I do still think that SUGGESTED guidelines might be
useful. I also agree with Ruth that many of these things do actually
originate in misunderstandings rather than hostile intentions, and I
think it's a really good idea to just assume misunderstanding from the
beginning. It's good for all of us to work on growing thicker skins.
It's also good for all of us to think about our words when attacking an
idea, so we don't inadvertantly make it a personal attack instead.
Perhaps something like that would be a sufficient guideline.



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