Re: censored art exhibition

Barry Smylie (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 18:57:36 -0400

There is a deeper and more interesting event taking place than your jittery
storm tossed tea cup pornography with sugary images of women plunked like
de-eroticised cup cakes on your saucer.

Goto Nid Paloma's web site

which contains pictures that she has taken from her television with a
digital camera depicting a general strike in Puerto Rico that has been
blacked out of the news in Ontario Canada.


You might well ask if you were not so deeply enthralled by the thrill of

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>On 06-Jul-98, Michael Betancourt wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>The exhbit version 0.1 is posted at:
>>take a look and give some feedback.
>>If you want to be included and aren't say so! It's easy to add
> What you (we) have on the above-site is art: A R T
>I can't believe the political powers that be are so dense as to not be able
>differentiate between the art depicted and, say
>a true Pornographic site of which, I understand, are many.