Lile update...

Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 12:17:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hi fellow artists,

Life is changing alot for myself and I wanted to just touch
base with all of you about it all.

I started a new job with a local community college called
Foothill De Anza on June 23 where I am supporting their Internet
Student Registration website. It's a part-time job which averages
about 30 hours a week Monday through Friday. I am filling in for
a woman who is on sebatical for 8 to 9 months. The job is working
out well and I am enjoying working for this local college which is so
different than working within industry. The college site is
at URL:

and the site I am working on is at:

I took this job because my position at Network Wizards was
being phased out.. They provide the web hosting service called and I was working there afternoons answering phones
and working on while I was there.

So, I am trying to come up with plans on how to administer remotely. :) I am still very much dedicated to the
site and our community here which we have built together.
It's just that for a little while, my responses may be slower
than usual til I get going remotely. I am also behind on
sending out the dues notices for this month of July but will
get these out to you this weekend.

Network Wizards will continue to host our site computer on their
fast Internet connection (T1). They will also be assisting
us in further development of the site in regards to building
new features and applications for the website.

If people are willing, I may also be calling on you for your help
and support in maintaining different parts of our site, such as
the links section. Hopefully I can get alot of these sort of
tasks automated so that such things will not be overwhelming.
If you are interested in helping, please let me know.

Finally, if you need to reach me urgently about anything,
you are welcome to send me email to:

which I check while I am at work.

Otherwise, you can always reach me via:

as I check my email there at least once a day. You can also call
me at (650) 322-8021 which is my home phone.

Other changes in my life include my home life... I live in a veggie
co-op and we are in the process of looking for a new housemate.
The current housemate who is leaving has lived in our co-op for
almost 3 years and I personally will miss him alot as he is
an awesome housemate and has really contributed alot to our

So this search is taking alot of my time at the moment. Our co-op
also operates on consensus and we are having alot of conflicts
and issues coming up right now, mostly between one other housemate
and myself. If anyone has any good pointers to resources on
conflict resolution, I would love to hear about them. :)

I am also missing being at Network Wizards which is like a
second home for me. I worked there since June of 1995 and being
somewhere else during the day is a big change for me.

So, that's where I am in my life right now. Lots of changes...
and challenges but I feel that it will all work out as time goes

Thanks for being there and listening.



ps. I also have a cat named Hawke who is my close companion
and friend. For those of you who have met him, he is
doing well and is really happy these days... spending
his retirement years at our co-op. He's about 14 now I guess.
And he's definately happy about my getting up earlier. :)