Injuction Granted in New Mexico Case...

Lile Elam (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 10:51:31 PDT

Hi folks,

I am working remotely today and hence the hotmail address.

Last night I talked with Rebecca via phone about the trial in
New Mexico. She testified on Monday in the afternoon and was
only able to observe the court proceedings after giving
her testimony.

Anyways, it went well and the judge granted the injuction
so that on July 1, this law will not be able to be enforced.

Another one down! Yeah!

Anyways, below is a URL at which is an article
talking about this case. This is all I have found so far.
I am sure an update of the case will happen soon on the ACLU
website. We should be able to access the court transcripts
via the web when they become available.

More later...



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