Re: My Redesigned Studio

Mario Madriz (
Mon, 18 May 1998 11:16:24 -0600

I do agree with Saelon, it was hard to reach the images. The design is
beatiful but never forget the content, which I agree again is the most
important part of an art web page.


>Hi Alfredo,
>I thought your new studio design was beautiful to the eye, and I love
>the digital images as well - lovely work! I do have one thing that
>bothered me, though it doesn't seem to have bothered anyone else. I
>think the number of pages one has to go through before getting to the
>actual portfolios is excessive. When the web is running fast it isn't as
>much of a problem, but the first time I tried to access your pages
>things were going slow and I ran out of patience - I had to give up and
>come back later. The sequence I went through was: 1. home page, 2.
>Digital 3. Gallery 4. Enter 5. Enter 6. Image 01.
>I may be the only one who is always in such a hurry, but I rarely stick
>around if I don't get to the artwork in 3 clicks or less - it starts
>seeming like the pages are more about html design than about the
>content. Your content IS definately much more important, but will that
>be quickly obvious to a casual visitor?
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