Modern Art!

John Rixon (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 12:45:51 +0000

Hi folks,
I recieved the enclosed E-mail a few days ago, and have been taking part in
some "interesting" dialogue with the 2 young men involved, revolving around
their conviction that all non figurative art is garbage! I feel that I have
stated my case with them but thought that a few of you may want to have
your say. They were referring to my homepage, but the two are
indistinguishable, do visit their site, it's a hoot!!

Jaffa! it gives me great honor to reward you with this months Never: art
and crime reward for complete lack of skill, talent, insight, and a
future... yes, "Jaffa" orange"ART" as you refer to your... stuff, has been
chosen from a collection of various horribly pieced together fragments of
so-called "art" from all around the 'net. you will find our latest critique
of your unique style and slop under our famous "garbage" profile. We are
sure this will not scare away more than 3 of your websites 55 current hits.
we sometimes wonder how much anyone would be willing to fork out for your
"art" ?

the never team
making the world a little
less sensitive