Re: Studio Doorways... A new test...

Nid (
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 09:52:19 +0000

I think that the sub-sections idea is the best. This way the visitor goes
directly to his area of interest w/o delay. The doorway entrance is very
slo-o-o-w. I myself always use the listing by names (What's New) where I
can just search by names using the command command-F (Mac) or CTRL-F (the
other) to find a specific name.

Lile Elam wrote:

> Hi Michael and all,
> Well yes, this is the really problem in having the doorways in the
> indexes.... We have 77 artists listed in the Visial Artists Section...
> :) And it would take a while to download the page with all the doorways
> on it. We could try it and see how it goes.
> Another idea that comes to mind is that we could further divide the
> visual artists into sub-sections like:
> Photographers
> Painters
> Computer Artists
> Mixed Media Artists
> Artists working in more than one media. :)
> etc.
> We could leave all the artists in the Visual directory so that the
> URLs wouldn't change but instead we would create indexes to the
> different types of works. I think it's important that we list artists
> in just one catagory though (or maybe it's not a problem). Let me
> know what you think.
> I was also thinking about doing an index that had all the artists
> listed in alphabetical order, with last name first.. Like A-Z.
> We would not have the doorways on this page.
> Just some thoughts. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.
> thanks,
> -lile
> (a


Nidia Palomo @ DIGITAL ART