Re: Compression

Marcus Moura (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 17:30:36 -0200


Yes, these programs are able to compress the images and no plugins are
needed for Netscape or M$ IExplorer.
There's another product which I consider very good: Ulead JPEG/GIF smart
saver. I think it's faster than HVS and it presents the same features you
can find in HVS. Its results are very impressive.

You can download it at
At this site you will also find very good tools for Photoshop and the web.



>My question is: Can, for example, Netscape 4
>handle these images without a special plugin or
>support application?
>Norman MacLeod wrote:
>> Nidia --
>> The product you are looking for is called HVS
>> JPEG, made by Digital
>> Frontiers. Their web site is located at:
>> Not only do they offer HVS JPEG, but they also
>> make HVS ColorGIF, which
>> is a high-compression application for GIFs.
>> Their products are
>> available in both PC and MAC versions, and can
>> be ordered directly from
>> their web site through a secure transaction
>> server.