Re: Compression

Norman MacLeod (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 18:26:45 -0500

Nidia --

The product you are looking for is called HVS JPEG, made by Digital
Frontiers. Their web site is located at:

Not only do they offer HVS JPEG, but they also make HVS ColorGIF, which
is a high-compression application for GIFs. Their products are
available in both PC and MAC versions, and can be ordered directly from
their web site through a secure transaction server.

These applications work well as plug-ins with PhotoShop, as well as with
most of the other high-end graphics applications, and they also work
with many of the lower end packages, too.

I've used HVS JPEG to reduce image sizes of about 80kb to less than 10kb
with almost no perceptible resolution loss. This is more than adequate
for use with web sites. They've been winning quite a lot of positive
recognition (including several "best of type" awards) from several of
the major computer and graphics publications.

If you are not quite ready to buy eithrer package today, you can also
download free demo versions.



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