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Wed, 24 Dec 1997 23:07:57 -0700

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>Hi, everybody,
>I`m sending you this message in hope to hear your opinion about
>web and internet in future.
>Look, I`ve been asked to tell what web gives to its users in future.
>What is the role of web in your every day life and and future?
>Art in web?
>Web as a role in massmedia? What should a web magazine/newpaper be like?
>I`ve been an artist member of since late 1995 and worked in my home
>country Finland every now and then in a tiny webpaper as a webeditor.
>Internet is in Finland new but highly expanding thing. Now, because of my
>role as a webartist and international contacts (thanks to you all), I`ve
>been asked to give a general lecture with some example (2-3 hours) in Turku
>University as a gest speaker for future web editors, web artists and
>Would you be kind and tell my via email what you think....:)
>Marketta Leino

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Every time when somebody asks about to future, I do
not help looking in the past for similar events. (We
need knowing where we come from, in order to know where
we go to.)

I think the best comparison for the Internet is the
invention of the print-machine in 1440 by Gutemberg.
Its advantages were obviously from the beginning.
Nevertheless, rivers of ink flowed during almost a
century against this invention due to its "dangerous"
disadvantages. Some of them, like the possibility to
handle mass' of people, were some real ones but people
have learnt soon how to manage with it. After more than
five hundred years, we complain that most people do not
read enough, not because they would read rather much.

Probably the Internet will know a similar evolution.
After the present-day explosion, with many undesirable
effects, the waters will calm down and every person will
be able to find easily what he is looking for without

The Internet is more than a technique; it is an environment
as the air or the street is. We need walking on the street
to our aim without disturbing each other. At the same time,
shops display their goods in windows although we ignore
the most of them. Internet looks like a street. It is good
as long as we can walk along.


Christache Gheorghiu