Katherine Klein (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 21:47:01 -0800 (PST)

I have been asked by a gallery develop a contract that will allow them to
print and market one of my paintings. She said that they would pay for the
printing, advertising and distribution. It would be a limited edition of
500 Iris or lithographs that she would distribute to other galleries for
$500. I would get 25 free prints (which cost $150 to print) and $50 for
each sold. I can't think of anything wrong with this except that I don't
have any idea of what I should be paid for each. I would approve the color
proof and have been very satisfied with the Iris prints I've had made
recently. Does a lithograph make an accurate representation of a painting?
How much should I ask for each sold? I would retain the copywrite. She
bought the painting "The Diver" from me over a year ago and I would like to
have the prints. I would appreciate any advice that you could give me.
Thank you. Katherine Klein.