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jaxun (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 00:21:59 -0800

Greetings folks,

Whilst surfing the vast electronic ether we call the web this evening, I
came across information about a service that allows one to produce an
oil-on-canvas reproduction from a photograph (or a digital image, since
this service provides for the scanning of the photograph) using
UV-resistant, oil-pigmented inks (they claim are neutral and
environmentally safe).

I am interested to hear from anyone who has yet heard of this process,
and what prospects you all might give such a method.

Check the details here...

Be advised that this service is connected to a network (read "pyramid")
sales scheme, albeit the most unique scheme I've probably ever read
about. I'm curious enough about this reproduction method to cough up
the $145 they're asking for a 16"x20" print, especially since it
includes the stretching and framing of the canvas on a basic, mountable
box frame. I would easily be paying this much for an Iris reproduction,
which wouldn't be as archiveable, and that wouldn't include a frame!

Looking forward to your impressions!


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