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Norman MacLeod (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 09:37:44 -0500

I thought I'd weigh in with a piece of information that you may find
useful. I've recently purchased a piece of image compression software
that everyone on ArtNet might find useful. I know that there is a
balancing act around the size of the image you load to the server for
your galleries. You want everyone to see your work in its full glory,
but you know that web surfers often don't like to hang around waiting
for large image files to load. It's the same for anyone who designs web
sites. After all, how long are you willing to wait for an image map or
Java applet to load before you move along to another site?

I received a trial copy of Digital Frontiers' HVS JPEG application with
Micrograx Picture Publisher, and gave it a try. Ended up purchasing the
full version the next day. You can visit their site at"

They have applications for GIF and JPEG, in both PC and MAC formats,
that operate as plug-ins to many different imaging packages. The
compression ratios are fantastic, and the resulting files are compact,
without damaging the presentation in a browser as much as more
traditional compression methods. You can purchase directly from their
web site, if you don't mind abusing your plastic a bit.

You can also see an example of page load speed on my corporate web site

And, no, I don't get anything from Digital Frontiers for telling you
about this...

Norman MacLeod
Gaelic Wolf Consulting


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