Re: Sharing good news

Patricia Corrigan (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 09:30:42 -0700 (PDT)

Congratulations Nid! I am thrilled too!

>I would like to share my happiness with you all.
>I am am thrilled about the fact that one of my recent creations will be
>published in the Electronic Publishing magazine issue of December, the
>Gallery Section. This is nearly as good for me as selling my art.
>I received a called from the editor yesterday and I am as happy as I can
>be. The image had originally been submitted (part of my self promotion
>activities) to Computer Artist magazine on September, but this
>publication is closing and some of the sections will be covered in
>Electronic Publishing. For their new section, they have selected from
>previous submissions to Computer Artist ...
>Luckily, of the many hundreds of images that they receive for
>publication, one of mine was selected (second time in same magazine).
>This is good promotion! I asked ( and hope I am granted) permission to
>quote my page site on the copy that will be included below the image, so
>we can all benefit from the advertising. Look for it on December! ( I
>will send a reminder, don't worry!)
>_Nidia @

Pat Corrigan