site summaries

Jennifer Crystal Chien (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 20:13:36 -0700 (PDT)

This is a pretty typical range for my site:

Summary Summary Summary Summary
------- ------- ------- -------
Sites: 98 Sites: 122 Sites: 139 Sites: 148
Files: 212 Files: 182 Files: 277 Files: 237
Total Acceses: 666 Total Acceses: 651 Total Acceses: 1019 Total Acceses: 894

Since my "art work" is mostly poetry, there are fewer total accesses (it
takes more time to read).

Some suggestions I have for increasing awareness...

listings in general site indexes don't seem extremely helpful to me,
unless you have some catch phrase in your description. (like sex ;)

What seems to have improved my accesses are

... being part of a webring! it's a theme-oriented ring of sites linked
in a circular fashion. check out

... publishing works in online journals (there are many for the visual
arts, as well). usually these journals put in a link to your home
page if you like.

... participating in online projects, such as a multimedia piece,
having stills in a video, etc. this also get you exposure, since the
project is featured on some other site.

... annoucing new art work on the appropriate newsgroup.

... swapping links with artists you admire.

... getting links on pages specific to your type of art, so those
interested in a particular style or form can find you.

... always answering your mail.

and last i can think of ... doing the most wonderful art that you can ...
word of mouth is powerful.