Site Statistics

Jeremy Engleman (
Fri, 10 Oct 97 15:53:11 UT


I have been getting a lot of hits lately. Here is my log for today:

Sites: 64
Files: 539
Total Acceses: 2398

My record was on 11 September, I broke the 4000 mark for total acceses.
Usually it hovers around 2000.

It is largely because of my involvement with the Sequel to Myst. I have a link
from the developers, Cyan's web page. With Riven's upcoming release, many
people visit that site (, and, and so some get
diverted to mine.

But even without that, my total hits seldom drop below 1000. I have made
efforts to be listed on every 3d computer artist list possible. And
fortunately for me, there are plenty of people on the internet interested in
3d art. Unfortunately, there are not many people who would consider it a valid
fine art form.

Take care,