The Jove Project: artists leading the way

Patricia Corrigan (
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 08:47:00 -0800

Hi artists!
Here's a project that might interest you. Since I put it up a few days ago,
I notice (according to my artnet logs) certain governments have been
looking it over. Maybe some significant research if going on in the field
of artificial intelligence? What do you think?


The idea is to put up anecdotal accounts of "unaccountable" incidents
experienced by computer users. By unaccountable, we mean things not coded
into the computer software or OS. Several companies have been contacted
regarding this project and we are awaiting their response.

I'm taking a class in the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford
which is covering the usual--Turing Machine, Eliza, pattern recognition,

The Jove Project is designed to move beyond this and describe real,
unaccountable things happening to, or those which have happened to, real
people. (In 12 years I've had about 3 such incidents myself. I can't be
sure whether the things that happened were coded, but I suspect they were

We are looking for programmers, and idea people. If you are interested in
taking part in The Jove Project, please send email asking that your name be
put on the list. You will be kept informed.

Patricia Corrigan ~sarabel~
The Jove Project