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Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:21:04

SEX, SEX, SEX You can't live without it

====================>>> takes up where Yahoo left

Make the web simple, find the best sites quickly. Find out what's HOT and
what's NOT. saves you time and insures you DON'T MISS

Our spiders crawl around the web every night to find the best and the
NEWEST! We crawl over every body... we caress and we stroke, we tickle and
we poke.

We don't miss a thing. CHAT, VIDEO's, AMATEUR CAMS, FETISHES, STORIES or
just PLAIN PIC's

If you want to peep at what is HOT, HOT, HOT, let show you
the way.

SEX is our mission, we have it all, from what's on the web, to city
listings for visitors ---> clubs, night spots, massage parlors and all the
rest. If it is on the web, or on the street, we know about it.

When Yahoo is not enough.... there is

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