First Place Art
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 04:22:17 EDT

My web site has brought me my first profit this past week.
I entered a virtual art contest and WON FIRST PLACE in the second category.
There were two categories for artists to enter the show. The first category
was "ART BY WOMEN ARTISTS" the second category was "ART ABOUT WOMEN". The
organizers of the on line virtual shows exhibited at this site invited me to
show in this competition after seeing my web site on
I entered three paintings:

They can be found using these three links,
1 First place - View from the Rawshan,  by Guy Burchak, # 53, also the best
representative work.

2 Hijaz Burqah

3 Ceramic Burqah

There is an area where visitors to the site can vote for their favorite piece
of the show.
I suppose when the show closes they will count up the votes and then award an
additional prize to the artist whom received the most "PEOPLE'S CHOICE

So visit the site and vote for me... if you like.

Guy Burchak