Lile's Studio Opening...

Lile Elam ((no email))
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 00:00:04 -0700

A Study of Landscapes: Real and Imagined

by Lile Elam

July 15th and 18th, 1999

in Palo Alto, CA

Join me in a Studio Opening to celebrate the new works that I have
been creating with watercolors. After a long dry spell, I (Lile) have
picked up the brush and am painting again. It's wonderful! So come
and join me in this small celebration.

New original works will also be available for purchase so check out
your walls before you come and think about where you might need a painting. :)
A fellow artist of (Saelon) has taught me how to mat so I will have
works that are ready to put in frames!

Menlo Park (which is just up the street from my studio) is also having a
street art festival this weekend. So you might want to catch that while you
are down this way.

I will also have an exhibit on the web following the show for those who can't
make it. You will be able to see the works there after the opening. See:

Hope you can come.


The Particulars:

What: Studio Opening featuring Lile's new works in a show

"A Study of Landscapes: Real and Imagined"

Light refreshments will be served.

When: There will be two openings. The main one will be
held on Sunday July 18th from Noon til Sunset which
is between 8 and 9pm these days.

There will also be a pre-opening that will be on
Thursday evening July 15th from 5pm til sunset. This
opening is is for the folks who can't make the Sunday
gathering (or for those who can't wait. :)