Baseball Been Berry Berry Good to Me

Elisa Welch (
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 18:48:14 -0700


The meaning of the weird subject line will become clear in a moment.

But first I'd like to mention my CD. It's in the works, and you will no
doubt hear from me again when it's ready for release. It does not yet have
a title, but it will contain Left-Coast Neo-Celtic Folk Music: that is,
some of my quirky original songs and some of my quirky arrangements of
Irish traditional songs and tunes. It will be good, very good, and you will
want to buy many, many copies of it. Nuff said.

Coupla gigs you might want to attend:

Saturday, September 12
Half Moon Bay
on Highway 1 at the south end of town
42: John Caulfield and I will be playing as a duo from
8:30 till 'round midnight.
650/726-5705 for directions

Sunday, September 20
at the Park formerly known as Candlestick
San Francisco
42: John Caulfield, Marla Fibish,
Adam the First Drummer, and I will be playing
for the Patricia Conneelly Dancers.
Yes, yes, we're actually opening for the San Francisco Giants!
No reverb needed, thank you...
We're on at about 12:30, game starts at 1:05.
415/468-3700 for ticket info
Will we be on TV? Who knows?

Sometime Soon
A House Concert in Palo Alto
At some point, probably this fall, there will be a concert of live, totally
acoustic music by Elisa Welch and some of her friends. Stay tuned!

For more info on Elisa's CD or any of these gigs contact:
Mighty Spud Music

Go raibh maith agam,