Just a Summery

Elisa Welch (elisa@pss.com)
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 08:51:57 -0700

And a Hi, Hello, Once Again-

Sheesh, it's June already! Do you know where your tomatoes are? For those
who've been wondering, I'm finally working on a CD, but I have little idea
when it will be ready or what it will be called. Perhaps a pool is in

In addition to scattered recording sessions and a full-time job, I've got a
smattering of gigs coming up this summer and I thought I'd fill you in on
the rather spotty info I have. I hope to see you some time, somewhere. Here

June 13
Saturday afternoon
Fairfax Street Faire
Details are sketchy, but this event will be held outdoors right in downtown
Fairfax (Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and/or Center St. and/or Broadway I
presume). It's a freebie, and I'll be playing a set or two with my pals
"42." We're supposedly going on at "around 1" on Saturday... John Caulfield
tells me this is one of the funkiest festivals in Marin. Should be

June 19
Friday 9pm
Cafe Amsterdam
23 Broadway, Fairfax
With 42 again. Small cover charge at the door. Nice little venue with
really good food and quite an assortment of interesting brews on tap.

June 20
Saturday 8pm
YWCA on Alma near San Antonio, Palo Alto
Valerie Deam provides an introductory dance lesson at 8pm, live music
cranks up at 8:30 with John Sweeney, Richard Ferry, Paul Kostka, and me.
There's a cover charge for adults, I think accompanied kids get in free.

June 27
Saturday evening
Contradance at a school somewhere in Fairfax
Another adventure with 42. Deatils to come...

July 11 & 12
Saturday & Sunday all day
Scottish Games
In the past this event has been held at:
Golden Gate Fields, 1100 Eastshore Highway, Albany
One mo time with 42. Uhhh, make that two mo times. Don't know what time
we're playing... or any other details, such as whether this is even the
right location... so stay tuned.

July 11
Saturday evening
Open Secret Cafe
923 C Street (between 3rd & 4th), San Rafael
Yet again with 42 in a cool n groovy alternative bookstore.

August 29 & 30
Saturday & Sunday all day
World Beat Festival
San Luis Obispo
And yet again and again with 42.

Please send me an email if you'd like more details about any of these
events, and I'll let you know what I know when I know it.