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Subject: CORRECTION! Call for papers

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* * * CALL FOR PAPERS * * *

on the archaeology of new media for the special issue:
* * "Before and After Cinema"* *

CORRECTION: Submission deadline for this issue is 30 October 1998

For Volume 5, No. 2 of the Journal (1999) we are seeking papers
relating to research projects or case studies on the archaeology of new
media. This special issue is prompted by the question: Is it possible to
analyse and "historicise" the study of digital media in the same way that
cinema scholars and art historians have revised certain teleological
accounts of cinema's evolution?

In particular, we are looking for papers that deal with the possible
parallels that might be drawn between the two areas of research --
cinema and new media:

* historical accounts of cinema, radio, music, television, video and other
electronic artforms that throw light upon and draw relation to current
developments in the field of new media

* case studies of corporate and/or aesthetic strategies dealing with the
impact of new technologies on "old" (existing) media

* theoretical and/or historical articles that deal critically with the
of new media forms, from the 19th century to the present

* analyses of the convergence of the institutions of cinema with new
formations of media enterprises in the digital age

* analyses of specific artworks or products in light of the complex
historical, technological and economic forces that influence them

This issue will be guest-edited by Ross Rudesch Harley, lecturer in
Theatre/Film Studies, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

All inquiries about, proposals for articles or completed papers for the
"Before and After Cinema" issue should be sent to:

Ross Rudesch Harley
Theatre/Film Studies
University of New South Wales
Sydney 2052 Australia
tel: 61.2.9385 4867
fax: 61.2.96622335

All other editorial inquiries, general proposals and submissions to:
Julia Knight or Alexis Weedon, Editors, Convergence, School of Media
Arts, University of Luton, 75 Castle Street, Luton, LU1 3AJ, United
Kingdom. Tel: +44 1582 34111, fax: + 44 1582 489014

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this address with 'Remove' in the subject and with the exact address we sent the
call to (as sometimes mails are forwarded from previous addresses or from other
e-mail accounts). This is a mailing list for academic/editorial information and
not for commercial purposes.
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