Chik Tek 97 Performance Invitation

JohnMonV (
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 14:49:28 EST

Madonna di Cyberspazio (Our Lady of Cyberspace)
A performance by Louise McKissick for the CHIK TEK 97 Art exhibition.

Saturday, December 13th, 1997

Time: 2 - 6 pm (ongoing and intermittent)

Location: ART-TECH (Silicon Valley Institute of Art and Technology)
89 South First Street, in Downtown San Jose, between San Fernando and

Santa Clara streets
Phone (408)971-9100

Madonna di Cyberspazio (Our Lady of Cyberspace)

A participatory performance installation, in which the artist will become the
World Wide Web embodiment of the divine Marian principle.

The public is invited to witness the feat, and pay tribute to our Lady by
making offerings in the form of candles and insense, as well as Mac Pluses and
other obsolete forms of technology. Pay to our Lady, who is the patron saint
of lost information. Bring in your accidentally-formatted hard drive, your
malfunctioning disk (giving you the dreaded “disk error” dialogue box
everytime you pop it into the computer) and Perl debuggers worldwide.

About the Artist

Louise McKissick is a Canadian electronic installation and performance artist
who has presented her work internationally. Her recent work is primarily
site-specific performance installation art, and features a technical,
audience-interactive component. Her most recent projects include performances
with Finnish artist Jan-Erik Andersson in Chicago and Turku, Finland, as well
as collaborative work on the Observatory Project, a site-specific performance
installation event located in the 15th century astronomical observatory tower
at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania, with the Lithuanian performance art
collective S.E.L. In 1995 at the United Nations’ 4th World Conference on Women
held in Beijing-China, Louise McKissick presented the performative lecture
“Eulogy: Aesteticizing the Female Body into an Art Object.” McKissick was
also a member of the first group of women artists to lecture at l’Accademia,
Florence, Italy in 1994.
the Illinois Arts
Council, the City of Chicago, the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council.
When not embodying the divine Mother of Cyberspace as a performance pursuit,
she is usually hacking CGI for a large ad agency located in Chicago.