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American Society of Botanical Artists
The ASBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions, and to furthering its development.

Artists Helping Children
is a non-profit foundation that seeks to enhance the quality of life for sick, abused, or neglected children. These children, burdened by circumstances outside their control, often live in the most sterile and uninviting environments. By painting murals and creating other art for and with the children, we create an enriching and happy atmosphere to encourage their emotional and physical healing and well-being.

Barefoot Artists
A nonprofit arts organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that uses the power of art to transform impoverished communities. Barefoot Artists aims to train and empower local residents, organize communities, and take action for a more compassionate, just and sustainable (better) future.

Center for Photographic Art in Carmel
is a non-profit center, with wonderful exhibits ranging from Ansel Adams to Andre Kertesz. They also support local emerging artists as well.

is the Center for Research in Computing & the Arts located at the University of CA in San Diego. CRCA exists to foster collabortive working relationships among artists, scientists, and technologists by identifying and promoting projects in which common research interests may be advanced through the use of computers.

Gold Buckle Network
A great, family friendly site that allows you to buy art, look at photos, watch movies, listen to music, and much more.

Graphic Artists Guild
is a national union of illustrators, designers, web creators, production artists, surface designers and other creatives who have come together to pursue common goals, share their experience, raise industry standards, and improve the ability of visual creators to achieve satisfying and rewarding careers.

the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center at Georgia Tech.

Html Writers Guild
is the world's largest international organization of Web authors and exists to assist members in developing and enhancing their capabilities as web authors. They compile and publicize information about standards, practices, techniques, competency, and ethics as applied to web authoring and contribute to the development of the web and web technical standards and guidelines.

Inside Art Cooperative - art from inside prison.
Inside Art provides a venue for federal inmates to display high end art work online. The program's goals are to train artists, generate revenue and have inmates paying taxes.

The International Society of Realist Painters
Founded by a group of artists from Europe and North America interested in sharing their knowledge of old masters techniques. All of the members are trained in classical painting, which they have developed into individual styles.

SAW Video Médiathèque
An innovative website that streams 500 independent films and videos by Canadian media artists. A fantastic resource for curators, educators, researchers and artists.

An international, nonprofit organization creating a society where all people with disabilities can learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts.