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Art to the Nth Power Inc.

Allied Arts Guild
is an enchanting complex of shops, gardens, artists' studios, and a restaurant nestled in a quiet corner of a lovely residential community in Menlo Park, California. Come to shop, stay for lunch, visit the artists and enjoy the gardens.

Arabeau Art
This site features equine (horse) paintings by AraBeau Artists. Includes artists profiles and cards for sale featuring each painting with custom verse by Judith A.Beauchamp. Custom paintings can also be ordered.

Art.Net (Art on the Net)
Hosts various studios and gallery rooms that are curated by artists. This site is dedicated to helping artists come online to the Internet and World Wide Web, sharing art from the source, the artists' themselves.

Artists Space
One of the first alternative spaces in New York, Artists Space was founded in 1972 to support contemporary artists working in the visual arts, including video, electronic media, performance, architecture and design. The mission of Artists Space is to encourage experimentation, diversity and dialogue in contemporary arts practice, provide an exhibition space for new art and artists, and foster an appreciation for the vital role that artists play in our community.

The Art Studio Department at UCSB
is a place dedicated to Art & Theory projects. They are interested in collaborative efforts and are willing to help those interested in exploring this area.

Thailand is Arts Repository contains images, and discussion.

Blue Sfear - Art Community
Art Community site that features user galleries and tutorials. Mostly digital art is hosted here but they do have traditional artist as well. This site is dedicated to the arts and digital art.

Coastal Arts League
Supporting the arts and artists since 1979 the Coastal Arts League (CAL) is a non-profit corporation located on the San Mateo coast of northern California. They operate the Coastal Arts League Gallery & Museum.

A UK based artists collective focusing on collaborative urban/surreal painting.

Cornell & McCarthy Artists Representatives
is a company that represents a group of artists who offer art for children. Art styles appropriate for children's picture books, jackets, educational materials, magazines, stationary and toys are offered here.

Cowboy Artists of America
A collective of Cowboy Artists sharing wonderful art from the Wild Wild West.

House of Faux
An online community for Professional decorative finishers, mural artists, concrete floor design applicators, Venetian plaster artists and more. Features a gallery, directory, classifieds and techniques for artists. This is also the home of Talk Faux, the first forum dedicated to all faux products. Includes Fauxzine, an online zine about faux art.

is where you will find information about talented artists from all across the state of Idaho (USA). The purpose of this site is to give "Idaho Artists" a place on the Internet to list their contact information, a description of their work, and to make this information readily available to virtually millions of people all across the Internet.

A community site sharing the life and art of artist and adventurer Julian Ritter. Our site features Julian's biography and a scrapbook of photos an d documents, the 30-minute documentary "Julian Ritter: Palette of Passion" and a growing collection of high-resolution images of Julian's art. FREE membership allows visitors to post in forums and to upload their own Julian Ritter art as we build the most comprehensive gallery of Julian's works.

Klein Art Works
is about stimulation and solutions. Visit and see art exhibits of works by prominant artists. You can also find answers to many questions you have relating to art, artists and art works here.

This is an Iranian Underground Art Mainstream featuring Iranian Contemporary Art. It is an independent artist community which aims to create good and useful communication between young and underground artists and freethinkers. This young art community has a great hope: Freedom. All the Iranian Underground and young artists are welcomed to join our club... Poets, painters, animators, photographers and musicians.

The Lili Brochetain Art Collection
features numerous prominent Russian artists of this century including I.Kagan, O. Rabin, Ilya Kabakov, Mikhail Chemiakin. This collection is curated by Michel Brochetain.

The Painted Ladybug
Portal to web sites featuring original oil paintings and drawings by various artists including Lucille Cohn, Jack Sadoway and Donald Orcutt; New England Nature and coastal photography by Thom Smith. Photography by Tony Costello.

Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
Established in 1966, the SCVWS is dedicated to promoting interest in watercolor painting. Membership is open to all levels from beginner to professional. Originally, one of its main purposes was to encourage artists to gather as a group for painting out of doors. We carry on this tradition today, as we continue to search for artistically interesting places and gather to paint every Thursday "en plein air".

Online art gallery, and UWI-related to boot! Of course, it has been getting fantastic reviews from all over the net and art world(s).

Sunshine Studio
is a place where you can find a variety of art works created by Native American artists.

Techno-Impressionist Art
is a space that hosts a gallery, artists quotes, and some history about Techno-Impressionism and much more.

is an online exhibition space that currently is a home to over 100 fine artists.