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In celebration of Mother's Day, 2006,
I would like to share the following art piece:

Mother and Child
(Mixed Media: Crayons and Watercolors)
by: Lile Elam

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Welcome to my virtual studio space...

I have always been fascinated with colors and forms ever since I was in the first grade where I played with crayons and paper. Creating images, forms and landscapes has always brought me happiness. I am particulary fond of the beach and this may be because I lived by such a place when I was young.

Most of my paintings are now abstract, very colorful, and big. Below are some paintings that I hope you'll enjoy. If you have comments or would like to share, please feel free to contact me via email (

Additional Studio Sections:

A Show of Computer Painted Drawings...

"The Rollin Golden Hills of California"

I also now have a new physical studio space and have started to paint in oils again which is pretty exciting. Just purchased some new paint brushes and am really looking forward to trying them out. I am starting to explore new painting styles that can be used in the oil mediums such as glazing, scrubbing and such.

As for copyrights, I would like the images here treated as "share art". People are welcome to share and enjoy them. If you change an image other than resizing it, please make a note of this so people know it is different than how I originally intended it to be. Also, if an image is considered for commercial use, I request that the parties involved contact me first.

Please check out my other web site, Lile Elam Consulting.



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