Art.Net Help Pages: Macintosh WWW Tools for Artists

This page is designed specifically to for artists who intend to use the Macintosh to develop World Wide Web pages for Art.Net (Art on the Net). Since there are already many WWW pages devoted to this subject, this page is more of a "home base" to help you quickly locate the resources you will need.

To get started devloping HTML pages on the Mac, you will need

Getting Started

I will start by pointing you to an excellent page of Macintosh resources. You can find almost everything you need there. Also, there is a web site called Web 66 designed to help educators in the K-12 arena learn how to help their students create websites and such. It is a great resource because it assumes might not know anything about HTML and the WWW. (This site can be busy sometimes, be persistent.)

Learning about HTML

To help you find out about HTML, I suggest you check out The HTML Language page at the NCSA. This page lists everything from the Crash course on writing documents for the Web to the really gory technical specifications created by the HTML specs committee. (Don't get me wrong - calling them gory doesn't mean we're not grateful...)

You can also check out the HTML Language page.


Browser (or client) programs come in many flavors. We have personally only used Netscape, but there are many others.

One of the nice things about Netscape is that you can test out the all of your pages without being on line. (You cannot test links to other web sites, because that requires a connection to the Internet.) This can save a lot of money if you pay for your connection by the hour. When you have everything working, you can upload your pages and test them by accessing them through your browser.

To find out how to download Netscape, click here.


To create our pages on Art on the Net, I used and highly recomend Rick Giles' HTML Editor. It is a semi WYSIWYG editor that is very easy to use.


There are many applications which can convert PICT files to GIF format. You might try Graphic Converter. Be forewarned though, the current version of this program requires the Thread Manager, something that is standard on system 7.5 only. (Though you can download the Thread Manager extension from Apple if you have system 7.1 or above.)

Getting your pages to Art.Net (Art on the Net)

Once your pages are created, you need to upload them to Art on the Net. Once you have received permission from the The Art.Net WebMaestros to add your pages, they will have assign you an account name and password. The easiest way to upload your stuff is with a program called Fetch. (To download Fetch, click here)

Here is what you do:

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