Coastal Arts League Museum
Half Moon Bay, California

Meet the Gallery Artists

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Patricia Dailey
Patricia works in ceramics and Raku.

landscapex.GIF (14128 bytes) James Stanley Daugherty
works in photography. Straight prints of nudes, sepia toned and hand-colored prints, and solarization. Lately he's been doing computer manipulation of scanned images.
kendra.gif (13877 bytes) Kendra K Davis
Is  curator of  this internet gallery. She is a sculptor who also works in oil, acrylic, pine needle baskets and other assemblages.


Arabella Decker
is a curator of the CALMuseum. She is a Sculptor and paints in Acrylic, pen and ink, and other drawing and printing media. 


Alexandra L. Dolmatz
works in acrylic, oils, and watercolors.


Sydney Fischer  
an award-winning illustrator, joined The Coastal Arts League as an exhibiting  member in September of 2OO1.


Simran Singh Gleason
works in photo collage, charcoal and pastel, and acrylic. Lately he's taken to doing electronic drawings with a computer a pressure-sensitive tablet.



Arnold Grossman
works in various print media (etching, woodblock, etc).

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Victoria Hamlin
works in oil on canvas and other assemblages. Her imagery often is taken from her occupation in construction and the trades.

motherx.GIF (16258 bytes) Stuart Harwood
assembles found objects from the daily surround into figurative
sculptures. Fulbright scholar with work in major museums like the Whitney, N.Y.C.
Many awards since 1951.

Michael H. Kellicutt Ph.D.

is a Photographer.

lovex.GIF (13917 bytes) Patricia E. Keefe

works in sculpture and various painting media.

slabbowlx.GIF (13346 bytes) Becky Maddalena
has been working in clay for over thirty years. She has been greatly influenced by the Japanese style and philosophy of pottery making - the expressive connection of the artist to his work. Becky's respectful, personal relationship with the clay is apparent in her finished work.


Pamela Neswald

Acrylic, Oils, Pastel and Charcoal 


Judi Oser

Painter and Printmaker