End Process

The Slim and the Plump about End Process

End Process is a web-wide world of intense preoccupation with a single geographic region some call LinOma, the Lincoln/Omaha (Nebraska) Metroslag. EP will feature hypertext interviews, reviews, letters, photos, commentary.... expression from natives and immigrants to the area.

The purpose of EP is simple: form a significant and representative presence of local culture on the WWW. The global community is merely a ven-diagram intersection of our personal geo-proximate surroundings. EP feels it is very important to represent local bands, artists, thinkers, do-ers and tribulations.

Most of what you read here at EP will have a local tint, but don't be suprised to see national and international personalities and workings show up every week or two.

Born in December of 1994, EP will constantly add new articles, images and pages on a weekly basis. You can keep track of what's new by frequently sucking up some rays from the What's New? page. Contents in every section (denoted by the circular icons on the Braincore Page) are listed from newest to oldest for your browsing convenience.

EP is a content-oriented web-zine, it is not a list of lists.

The "business-end" of End Process

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