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In his series "Twelve Months" life is harmonious, depicted in perfect images.
Andrey Vystropov: foto
In the painting entitled "Everybody carries his cross" - life consist of a tragic moral searching and suffering, something that everyone experiences to a greater of lesser degree. In 1995-97 Vystropov took part in two major art projects. The first of them was in
Furstenhagen Church, near Berlin , where there has been extensive reconstruction work over the last three years. Vystropov designed the seventeen stained-glass windows for this church. Scenes from Old and New Testament are depicted in all these windows. But there is also another way of looking at these scenes: laconically and tragically.

Good and evil
The second project is connected with the opening of the Rhein-Main Theatre near Weisbaden . Since December 1995 the theatre has been showing the new Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical "Sunset Boulevard" . Vystropov has created four large paintings ( 2 x 3.5 m ) devoted to this famous musical. They are about the myths of our times and have been installed in the foyer of the theatre. In addition to these major projects, Andrey Vystropov has constantly been creating new pictures. Each of them is a search and a discovery, the essence and the meaning of the artist's life.

Andrey Vystropov: foto


  • Andrey Vystropov will visit us in the middle of April with 30 new works. He will be in Prague for two weeks and I'll show him our internet gallery. He has never works with Internet - but likes to read our guestbook and very interested to have any comments from our visitors. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions - and he will answer.

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