PRSG Member Michael Duffy
ADDRESS: 24975 Valley Way #7A Carmel, CA 93921 , (USA)
PHONE: (408) 625-1207
MEDIA: Mixed Media
SIZE OF WORK: 1 foot to Monumental
SPECIAL NOTE: Main material is Hydrastone.
Return of the Sun King
( Mixed Media ; dimension H:8' W:4' D:3'; © 1989 )

Born in Reno, Nevada, graduated San Fransisco State University, Artists in San Fransisco for 25 years, moved to Carmel in 1984. Michael has been shown in more than fifty individual and group shows.

Duffy's work is primarily a play of texture and form in tensions that resolve themselves by balanced juxtapositioning of varied elements. Throughout his work there is always a spiritual overtone, but it is not blatant with specific religious images. Mr. Duffy's yoga, meditation and internal search has profoundly influenced his artistic expression.

Rick Deragon wrote of Duffy's work, "Each unreadable Glyph and every symbol crystal tell the veiwer something very special is there-Decode it!- and partake of the universal knowledge therein." 1994 Hearld.

Sam Coburn wrote of Michael, "He has a profoundly Metaphysical source." Carmel Pine Cone 1990.

Utensilization of Light and Space Shrine to Mahalakshmi Red Sun
( Mixed Media; dimensions H:5' W:2 1/2' D:7"; © 1997 ) ( Mixed Media; dimensions H:15' W:4' D:4'; © 1995 ) ( Mixed Media; dimentions H:28" W:12" D:6"; © 1994 )