PRSG Member Boomer Dormody
ADDRESS: 1171 Precidio Blvd
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (USA)
PHONE: (408) 375-1315

Story Teller
(Painted wood, maquette, H:7" W:3.5" D:..3/4", ©1996)

I am the founder and principle sculptor of the Landing Dove Studio. I've been hand carving sculpture in woods for ten years. Currently I am modeling sculpture in clay for mold making purposes and later casting in composites. In addition to offering this fine line of reproduced originals I take special one of a kind commissions in various media and formats. I paint nearly all my sculpture.

Visionary sculptor, poetic sculptor, devotional artist; terms like these may serve some broad descriptive function when I try and charactorize what I do. But in my heart I honestly identify most with the notion that I am simply a contemporary American modern artist interested in the amazing variety of cultural and thematic influences that we are offered in the nineties and, most importantly I am fascinated by the impact that beauty, form, light, color and design have upon us emmotionally and as elements of communication. While almost everything that I sculpt is a narrative, I am more deeply moved by the synthesis and dynamics between any given theme that I may create and the aesthetics that I have chosen to entertain the eyes, to capture the attention of my viewers and hopefully to draw them into moments for personal pause and reflection. But the artist's themes, I think are always secondary. Its the viewers subjective resonse to being with the work that interests me. This is the moving elment that my love for the studio art process revolves around. I think that the references to classical allegory and the surrealism and folk elements of my work simply reflect a personal method of reflecting my identity with this grand and diverse global community I am so greatfull to be a part of.
Bent Ring Form Pink Clay Form Two Ring Form
( Clay cast glass, slomped with copper wire H:2' 6" W:2' D:2', ©1995) ( clay cast glass, slomped with copperwire and clay H:1' W:l' D:1', ©1995) (Media: Clay cast glass, slomped with copperwire H:3' W:2' D:2', ©1994)