Hi my name is Wayne Golding. I hope to bring you art from the land from down under mainly from New Zealand.. I live in a place called Havelock North which is on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand. The area is called Hawke's Bay which is known as the fruit bowl of New Zealand. Hawke's Bay with its temperate climate is fast becoming regarded as a premier wine producing region. It also has a rich cultural diversity. At the present time I have one artist that inspired this project as he wanted a new way for his art to reach a wider audience than just hanging in a gallery in one part of the world . As time goes by I hope to bring you a selection of New Zealand artists to show the wealth of art NZ has to offer, also in the next few months I will have selected limited edition prints of Des Robertshaw. They will be signed and number 500 only. I will have more details as they come to hand. The first Artist is Des Robertshaw who is the person that inspired the whole project. Please feel free to send any comments to me as they will be most appreciated. If you are ever in New Zealand I can be contact me at:

78a Joll Road .
Havelock North.
New Zealand
I may be able to arrange to meet the artist you are interested for a private showing of his latest work.

Since Des Robertshaw and I first teamed up to display his art on the internet as art from New Zealand, we have had a lot of interest in the site from NZ and abroad. We are now pleased to be able to expand the site to include International sculptures and Limited Edition prints. We hope to bring you more art from New Zealand painters as well as New Zealand and International Sculptures. This site is under active development form time to time when I receive new work form an artist or new artist. The front will change very little. To find out what is happening to Intergall or the artist check out

What's New.

I hope to update this on a very regular basis as new information and works from the artist comes to hand.

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