Hilary Wong
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Hilary Wong is one of the Northwest's more prominent painter's. His subject matter "Whales, Women and Waves" has delighted many around the world. Hilary's ability to capture the elegance and grace of whales and women and placing them in an almost spiritual sense has brought him and his work into public awareness. Hilary considers himself a surrealistic artists who depicts Whales, Women and Waves in a tranquil and natural environment. He feels these beings are intertwined with beauty, grace, serenity, and inner strength. Hilary's intentions as an artist are to show his fellow men the beauty which they have been destroying. If we continue on the same course as we have in the past, all that will be left is what will remain on canvas.

Hilary's international standings include shows in Madrid, Spain, Vancouver, Canada, and Palau. He regularly travels throughout the United States as well as Spain and Canada for Art Display shows and has acquired interested collectors throughout the world. Specializing in airbrushing, Hilary is able to bring emotions alive in his paintings. He regularly combines airbrushing with acrylics and gels and interference colors to bring out texture and diversity into his paintings and making them as diverse and unique as nature itself is.

Respect what remains and allow it to be free.

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