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Teymor Zarré
Colour is one of the deepest humanbiological expressions...
I always carry within me the colours and forms of my ancestors.Then, inspired by the Northern light and silence,I added new hues to my palette. Living among colour and working with it, links me with all the cultures throughout time.

Teymor Zarré has worked for many years with glass and mirror mosaics,everything from 'normal picture size' to fully monumental embellishments of public and private buildings. From a standpoint of my own meditations on mosaics in the Italian tradition, Teymor and I met in conversations on pictures which it felt natural that we should continue.I gradually came to understand that Teymor's pictorial world represents a vast spectrum, in the best sense of the word, as well as the fact that he is one of the world's artists as opposed to an artist in some limite part of it.The paintings now on show contain a sensualism without compromise.A meeting in the heat and dreams of two-someness, portrayed with an honesty far from banality and our everyday routine version of romance. In spite of the emotionally charged content of the pictures, theirpictorial solutions are extremely well composed throughout, both in regard to colour and to form. They do not give the impression of intellectual consciousness. It is more like when people talk together about life and our role in it. Teymor quotes a teacher he had as a child--'one must feel, and enjoy'. Teymor feels, he feels in a totallyconcentrated manner and well.
Ulf Leijon, Conservator and Artist
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