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(and friends):

Brigitte Carnochan — Rapidly gaining fame for her handpainted fruits, flowers, and nudes, she also does marvelous black and white documentary photography. Often teaches workshops at Stanford University and elsewhere.

Martha Casanave — A wonderful Monterey Bay photographer and photographic teacher, with many talents and interests. I love nearly everything she does, but I'm particularly fond of two of her series, "Beware of Dog" and "Kitchen Kama Sutra".

Christina Florkowski'sHer handcoloring techniques are a continuing source of inspiration to me. She has recently developed new bodies of work employing digital processes. Check it out!

Helen Golden — Another of my local inspirations, an energetic and generous woman, a pioneer in the digital art realm, Helen's artwork is exhibited around the world. Her enigmatic and mysterious "tradigital" mixed-media pieces are created by using a blend of traditional media such as photography, etching and drawing with new technological tools such as computers. She says that she makes art all the time, passionately and happily and at the core of her being, she is compelled to create art!

Erik Lauritzen — A Reno-based photographer and friend whose work I admire very much. His work is both technically beautiful and emotionally evocative, and equally so in any of the many series he has worked on.

Ted Orland— Ted is a very dear friend, teacher and mentor, as well as being my very favorite artist. Many of his images are infused with his wonderful sense of humor in looking at our modern world. He is one of the two artists who taught me to handcolor - so be sure to check out his handcoloring. He is also the author of many excellent books, and co-author of Art & Fear.

Robin Robinson — A Monterey Bay photographer with one of the wildest imaginations around. Robin specializes in underwater black and white and in hand-manipulated mural-sized prints.

Ryuijie — A Monterey Bay photographer working in both silver gelatin and platinum/palladium, Ryuijie's vision is one that is especially beautiful and evocative.

Brian Taylor Brian's work has an eery kind of beauty, always with some mystery and a story lurking below the surface. He works with handcoated papers, using silver gelatin emulsion, cyanotype, gum bichromate, selective toning and handpainting, often tearing papers, writing on them, and assembling them into books. He teaches photography at San Jose State University and in various workshops.

Huntington Witherell A Monterey Bay photographer who has been a prolific worker in the field since the 1970's. Huntington's mastery ranges broadly from classic large format black and white to new digitally manipulated color images. Incredible work.

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