I am a 33 year old emerging painter and calligrapher. Born in Elizabeth, NJ, I studied engineering at The Cooper Union in the early 1980s where I quickly wandered into my first art classes. After completing my studies at The Cooper Union and abandoning my engineering career, I continued art studies at The Art Students League of New York and studied with the abstract painter Don Kunz (a former student of the calligraher Lloyd Reynolds). At The League I studied with Michael Burban, Frank O'Cain, and Peter Cox. At Cooper Union with Don Kunz, Scott Richter and Bob Slutsky. I am currently teaching calligraphy at The Cooper Union.

My work deals with personal issues such as identity and sexual orientation. Adopted at birth, I am intrigued by the emotions related to origin, issues I believe to be at the root of all human relations. I am also interested in the new discoveries in the sciences of cosmology and physics and their implications on traditional religious beliefs, issues that also deal with origin but on a larger scale. In the words of the contemporary artist Barbara Kruger, I hope "to try to detonate some kind of feeling or understanding of lived experience."

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