I have always liked draw, paint, create pictures. I was fortunate to have a real art teacher during my secondary studies but I never continued artistic studies, prefering instead the sciences. When I was 17, my mother gave me a watercolour paint box and I liked immediately the transparancy of the colours which allow particular lights and moods.
I have a PHD in chemistry and during my long studies, painting was a restful diversion. For the last four years, since my arrival in Switzerland, I have been raising my children and, in the same manner as during my studies, I find painting a stimulating pastime. The main subject I like to paint is landscapes, old stones and especially my region of origin, the South of France.
I also enjoy illustrating stories for children. They are available at the following location :
Le père éléphant
Les maîtres de la forêt
Les trois amis

Collective exhibitions :

June 1995 : Secretary of the vaudois reformed church in Lausanne.
November 1995 - january 1996 : Arches of the National Hotel in Montreux.

Personal exhibitions :

February 1996 : Radio Suisse Romande in Lausanne.
March 1996 : Fine arts department of the Lion d'Or shop in Lausanne.
July 1996-April 1997 : Savoy Hotel in Evian, France.

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