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Woodcut Prints are hand pulled multiple originals using an inked wood block on which a design is incised or carved.

A drawing is first made on the surface of a wood board. Then razor blades, and/or gouges, knives, chisels, wire brushes, and sand paper are used to remove the areas of the board which will not print. Thus, a printing "plate" is created consisting of a board with raised lines and areas which will be inked and depressed lines and areas which will not receive ink.

Roller(s) or brayer(s) are used to ink the surface of the board which was not removed. Then a piece of fine hand made paper made of mulberry bark, often called "rice paper" or cotton rag paper is placed face down on the inked surface. The print is then hand rubbed using wooden tools or cranked through a hand press.

A separate wood block must be created for each color & correctly registered on the paper to produce the final image.


Woodcut prints are one of the oldest forms of creating multiple originals. Examples exist from the early middle ages. Until the late nineteenth century it remained the chief method for producing illustrations. In this century commercial mass offset lithography replaced woodcuts as well as hand created stone and plate lithography.

I generally print a set of 25-80 images. No more will be printed. Each print is marked with the number of the printing and the total. The images do not significantly change over the run.

Naturally, the price cannot compete with mass produced reproductions. These are all originals.


"Shower for Two"


"Woman in the Bath" 8 X 6



14X 26


More Figures

Civil War



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