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ob.scene \a:b-'se-n, *b-\ aj [MF, fr. L obcenus, obscaenus] 
1: disgusting to the senses : REPULSIVE 
2: abhorrent to morality or virtue; 
specif : designed to incite to lust or depravity 

To the owners of our world: 

What do you say is obscene?  I say the modern money driven, advertising controlled, world-ruining state is obscene.  I have no recourse to refuse the imagery and sounds you force down my eye and ear holes.  You have programmed my peers to accept and cheer you on.  I am in the minority and have no voice or strength to resist.  You control the means of information administration and decide how much we need.  Entertainment is a weapon.  Appetite is a resource to be managed and cajoled.  Need is a falsely self-governing engine.  Some day, all we do will be gone.  It will not matter to those around then other than as a curiousity.  The universe will pave over us and eventually we will be indistinguishable from the noise.  Get away with what you can while you can.  Our motto.  Does a monkey care?  Does money care?  Does it matter what your children see?  Mine have to see the corporate state parading about in decadent opulence, callously snubbing its nose at the needs of the individual human.  The individual has no weight any more.  We have become hidebound into a straight-jacket of organizations that only make each other tighter as they struggle to be the top layer of binding.   Competition only exists within strictly defined channels.  The tensile strength of the ligatures will be exceeded in this lifetime and when they snap the carnage will beggar the imagination of the most gruesome prophets.  How cheery, no?

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