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This list is not complete nor is it intended to be fully representational -- it is a compilation of sites that I try use regularly. My only purpose for publishing it is to provide newcomers with an art-based starting point for exploring the web (and maybe providing a new location or two for experienced users - we can never have too many lists!)

Some information is repeated (i.e.: I may list the organizations url then later list its links url -- This is mainly because they are good enough to warrant a direct link to the individual bits of information)

Arts Oriented

Lists of Lists (or just good starting off points for surfing)

The FineArt Forum WWW Resource Directory - a great starting off point for just about everything to do with art!
Links to other Art Related Sites... - Art on the Net's list
ACM SIGGRAPH Artists Connection
Artworld (ArtMap): Online Links and Listings
Photoshop Resources on the Web - Ventana Online's Photoshop Links
The Green Banana Chutney Page - a list of e-zines and links - from Australia
New Media - ArtSource's New Media Links


Art Source - "a gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture."
FineArt Forum Welcome - "FineArt Forum is the news service of the Art, Science and Technology Network (ASTN)"
Art on the Net - " Join fellow artists in sharing works together on the Internet."
Dia Center for the Arts, New York, NY - " Dia Center for the Arts is a multi-disciplinary contemporary arts organization."


Bringing Art and Humankind Back Together Again - Chris Kim A


Virtual Galleries - a nice graphical list of gallery sites - but from New Zealand (with MANY IMAGES - so it can be SLOW)
The Information SuperLibrary(tm) - Macmillan Publishing's starting point for a ton on computer and art oriented books/software etc., including:
Adobe Press
Hayden Books
A GLOBAL CANVAS: The Museum Book of Digital Fine Art
Ventana Online Home Page... - Check out the Library
Photoshop f/x Online Companion


e-zine-list: Alphabetic Listing - Over 400 e-zines listed - just click on a name and it will give info on how it is available, then sends you there
basilisk - "basilisk: a quarterly journal of film, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, and perception."
ION Cover -"The online magazine about people & technologies making history in the visual revolution" - SGI's description of their new magazine
InterFace Magazine - a good magazine, containing some arts oriented items
ImageSoup at - "A Publication for New Media Arts Professionals"
NWHQ- "NWHQ is a publication devoted to free expression and the distribution of artistic ideas"
The Electronic Visual Arts Journal - "eva is produced at the University of Western Ontario"


Entering IMAGEX DESIGN - Always a great looking site
Grafica Obscura - "Collected Computer Graphics Hacks, Curated by Paul Haeberli" An great collection of information etc by the graphics guru of SGI.
The Surf Zone - SGI's great area where you can explore in 2D or 3D (vrml) .
Product Oriented
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop - an interesting source of Photoshop information and techniques
Photoshop & Digital Images - a list of Photoshop oriented site and other interesting information. Especially interesting is info on sites for software and monitor color/gamma correction.

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