Alisa Lowden
prints, paintings, sculpture


“Each day I live in a glass room unless I break it
with the thrusting of my senses and pass through
the splintered walls to the great landscape.”
-- Mervyn Peake

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linoleum block prints Mrs. Metaphor Hollow Eve (light phase) Hollow Eve (dark phase) A Stone from Your Heart The Magic Shell, light The Magic Shell, dark Januarian Solstice seed Decembervolt Novemberroot Icara's Sister Icara's Sister Entangle Catachresis Beauty Bluebeard and Pandora Bluebeard and Pandora

paintings Our Lady of the Moving Ladder Squidbeard A Serious Question Unicornucopia Followed by Clouds (The Sugar King) The Artist's Mother at Builth Wells Satyr with Strings The First Visible Dog Internecine Imbolc Even Death Will Pause Interphotosynthesis A Wave, Goodbye Double I My Mother's Hair Captain Sticky Composed by His Own Message Behind the Other Eye

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All work copyright 2009 A. Lowden.
(updated 28 June 2009)