Vera Csik
Vera Csik is a Hungarian born, Venezuelan ceramist-sculptor.

During WW II she left Hungary moving to Bavaria. Vera takes part in several art workshops in wax, later she is credited funding for tuition at the School of Plastic Arts. Her parents resolve to emigrate to Venezuela arriving in1950.

In Caracas she works until 1970 as an independent interior decorator. In 1969 she enrolls in the Cristobal Rojas School of Plastic Arts. She follows workshops in the School of Fire Arts on diverse techniques as Ceramics, Rakú, Bronze and Glass.
Vera held 6 individual and several collective expositions; she has representative works of art in private collections in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Argentina and Australia.

Currently Vera Csik is elaborating works of art in polichromed ceramics, gres and she is at the beginning of an interesting career in bronze. She realizes pieces in formats much bigger than used for the ceramics techniques and has a particular fascination with horses. The work of Vera Csik has some abstract and sometimes caricaturesque style and the influence of the tropics is well identified.

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