My Statement from 1995-1999

The basis of all my work is my search for identity as an Icelander.

Unfortunately, our fast paced world wants to press everybody into the

same mold. We live for fast food, TV, and mass-produced easy-throw-

away stuff. What happened to goods that were handmade, homemade,

reused, and lovingly repaired? I am interested in the growing gap

between my generation and my parents and grandparents.

I am investigating my family story and the history of Iceland through

the ways in which people worked and lived. I have a special interest

in different tools, unchanged for centuries, that my grandparents used,

and my generation knows nothing about. This feeling of not knowing

is a feeling that I bring out in my sculptures by giving them a

tool-like quality. This quality makes it seem as if they had a

function that is now forgotten forever.


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